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About Set In Soul

Let the soul free. Let the soul breathe. Let them feel your truth. It’s time to unleash what’s within you. This is Set In Soul.


Author Tatiana Jerome, who states that the soul comes alive when an individual nurtures and places the priority on self-care, founded Set In Soul. When you can find your voice, embrace your fears and trust in the love that the soul provides, you are brought closer to your purpose. Dope souls vibrate higher because they know their worth. Dope souls vibrate higher because of their daily conversations with God. Dope souls vibrate higher when living in love. Dope souls vibrate higher when they can heal, piece by piece, from what tried to break them. Love. Creativity. Honesty. Empowerment. This is Set In Soul.

All products carried in Set In Soul are put together with the care of self-healing, empowerment and the effort to launch every individual to their next level of betterment. Founder Tatiana has created a strong and bold brand that stands in quality, which brings out the best in any and every individual.