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Product Description

Don’t ever feel like you are not worth it. You are the best. The self-love journal will help you open your eyes and realize that. It's time to get back your self-confidence and restore your love back to yourself. The love for everything you are is right in front of you, and you just need to grab it. The self-confidence journal enables you just that!

ABOUT cRowned.

It has been scientifically proven that self-reflection writing prompts can literally change the way you see life and how you act on a daily basis. Feel totally empowered to achieve anything in life. Don’t ever feel doubtful or questionable about your actions. Dominate, conquer and realize that you are the best version of yourself. Get the self-love journal to regain your self-confidence and change your life!

**This journal does mention God and highlights spirituality.**      


• Paperback

• 7″ x 10″

• 212 Pages

• Weighs 2 Pounds

• Inspirational Quotes

• Introspection Prompts

• Two Growth Sections

• To Grow In Your Self Confidence

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