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Product Description

There’s no better way to begin your daily journal entry, set your to-do lists, and/or create your personal goals than with our inspirational rose gold pens.    

These inspirational rose gold pens help promote positive energy. Every time you see them, you’ll read a positive affirmation that will help you to feel good, and focus your thoughts on your greatness.  

These pens can also be used for any number of areas, anywhere you may need a motivational or emotional boost (and we can all benefit from a little less stress, and more happiness… everywhere we go). Whether you’re out journaling in a cafe, taking notes on your favorite subject, or writing a love letter - these inspirational rose gold pens will make everything you write that much better. Make these your signature pens.  

Inspirational Rose Gold Pen Set Details:  

• 2 Ballpoint Blue Ink Pens

• 2 Ballpoint Black Ink Pens

• Come In A Set Of Four Pens

• Each Pen Has A Unique Inspirational Message On It  


Features The Following Messages:  

• Grey Colored Rose Gold Pen  -  I Believe In Myself

• White Colored Rose Gold Pen - I Choose Me. Everytime.

• Rose Colored Rose Gold Pen -  Whatever I Write Will Come True

• Black Colored Rose Gold Pen - I Am The Fruit Of My Thoughts

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