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Product Description

Challenge yourself to achieve your goals with this Levels Journal created to inspire you to achieve success in all aspects of your life. This mastermind goals journal includes motivational quotes and daily affirmations to help you stay on track and give you the inspiration you need to keep striving for success. Carry this personal goals journal in your purse or bag to help you achieve your daily goals and motivate you on the days when you feel less inspired.


Inside Levels, you will find a mixture of motivational quotes and positive affirmations to keep you focused on the goals you set for yourself. This journal tracks six months of progress. Why six months? Because we believe anything after that timeframe is now a lifestyle rather than just a phase. With the help of this journal, you will develop a lifestyle that will help you reach your next level. There is a two month check in to help track your progress. When your desires and your determination begin to waver, this journal can give you a gentle reminder of where your focus should be as well as provide a level of confidence and reassurance that you will reach where you wish to go in life. This is a vital part of your progress as a person and can be the guiding light that you lack at present. Now, you can become far more focused on reaching the right levels of personal and professional aspiration and achievement. Never fall behind because of having 'so much to do.' Pace yourself and remind yourself daily of what your ultimate goal is. In personal improvement and/or professional improvement, it is imperative to keep track of your progress and Levels is the perfect journal to do just that.    

This isn’t a basic daily journal: it’s the perfect starting point for tracking your thoughts and garnering a deeper understanding of your thoughts, making sure you never need to lose track moving forward again.

**This journal DOES mention God and highlights spirituality.**

**This is a unisex journal.**


• Paperback

• 7″ x 10″

• 238 Pages

• Weighs 2 Pounds

• Affirmations 

• Inspirational Quotes

• Introspection Prompts

• Sections For Financial, Physical, Relationship, Career, and Spiritual Goals

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