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Product Description

Remind yourself why you love each other and take your relationship to another level with this amazingly effective couples journal. The Love In Progress Journal is specifically made for couples that want to record important moments and set up goals, all in order to make their relationship even stronger. It’s a fun and really exciting way to keep the excitement and passion between two people who are committed to making it work.


This relationship journal will not only be the place to capture the great events that happen in your life, but also the low events and disagreements. In that way, you two will be more open with each other and know which actions and moments should not be repeated in the future. This shared journal for couples is a technique used for decades to prevent breakups and create stronger bonds. Journaling for two keeps the partners engaged and helps to achieve an unbelievable bond. Make your relationship unbreakable and have fun with Love In Progress Journal. This is just another way to have something totally dedicate to the growth of your relationship. This is something you'll want to share with others well into your future as evidence of your love. With his and her sections within the journal, only one journal is needed per couple.     

**This journal DOES mention God and highlights spirituality.**


• Paperback

• 7″ x 10″

• 209 Pages

• Weighs 2 Pounds

• Relationship Quotes

• Introspection Prompts

• His & Her Sections For Both Individuals To Express Themselves 

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