White Rose Gold Pen - Inspirational Quote - I Choose Me. Everytime.

Set In Soul


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Whatever you write about yourself, make sure it's positive. Write your next book with this pen. Write your next script with this pen. Write your next love letter with this pen. Write down your ideas with this pen. Write your affirmations down with this pen. This is the pen you can use to reflect on yourself. This is the pen you use to write words of gratitude. Reprogram the way you think and feel by writing and reciting positive affirmations about yourself and use this pen to do it. 


This pen has a ergonomic design which makes it comfortable for anyone who writes for hours irrespective of the size of their palms.


I Choose Me. I Choose Me. I Choose Me. Everytime. As you read those words choose to write those words down with this pen because you choose you. 


Details On This White Rose Gold Pen:


  • Black Ink
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • 5 Inches Long
  • Engraved Message Reads - I Choose Me. Everytime.

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