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See The Possibility Journal (Believing - Increasing Your Beliefs Journal)


Product Description

Picturing your ideal lifestyle is a challenge, but with this possibility journal, the process is simplified. This journal transforms the way you think about possibilities and beliefs in your mind to help make them a reality rather than to keep them a fantasy.

A great alternative to a vision board, your believing journal is a much more personal and intimate companion as you can incorporate your own images or drawings daily. Not sure where to start? Think of things you want and know will be yours - this could be your dream car, a house, dream job, travel plans, and more. It's your life and your possibilities, after all!

The possibility journal helps you keep track of your desires as well as what you have already achieved in life. Use it to increase your beliefs, reprogram your mind to believe in acquiring what you want in life, and mindfully participate in your life progression.

  • Your very own visual board & scripting journal
  • Keep track of your wants & accomplishments
  • Add your own drawings/images
  • Mindfully steer towards your desires!

**This journal does mention God and highlights spirituality.**  


• Paperback

• 8″ x 10″

• 424 Pages

• Weighs 2 Pounds

• Inspirational Quotes

• Introspection Prompts

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