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This Too Shall Pass (Depression Journal)


Product Description

Our depression journal titled This Too Shall Pass helps address the root of your depression and the feelings associated with it. This is a great tool to gain control of your emotions and address inner conflicts that cause stress and fears. Our journal is here to promote healthier ways of coping and self-talk. By utilizing this journal you are deciding to take control of your healing and create a safe place to be vulnerable and true to yourself. 


The goal of this journal is to help you take control of your feelings and pick yourself up and out of an comfortable and yet unwanted place so you can start living life on your terms. You will learn to deal with situations and people who are not in agreement of what you desire for your day, year and/or lifetime. You no longer have to allow fears, worries and what's happened in the past dictate your today or future when you decide you want to find a healthy solution towards your current situation that causes you to feel powerless.     

**This journal DOES mention God and highlights spirituality.**

**This is a unisex journal.**


• Paperback

• 7″ x 10″

• 328 Pages

• Weighs 2 Pounds

• Inspirational Quotes

• Introspection Prompts

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