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Product Description

There is a gift in giving. Giving opens up your heart and spirit. For some, giving comes naturally and for others giving is something that needs to be developed. If you are ready to unlock what has kept you from being the type of giver you desire to be, then this Unrestricted Heart journal is right for you. With this journal, you will learn to put your ego to the side and expand your limits in giving through your time, money, service, and/or any other means. Whether you want to be a better giver to family members, a romantic partner, friends, coworkers, your community, and/or others...this is the perfect journal to expand yourself to do just that.



It's not all about receiving. Being able to give to others who give to you and those who don't even know you feels good. It's rewarding. Givers are able to let go knowing that their needs will always be supplied for. It is easy to want to restrict what you're willing to give because of unwanted things people may have done to you in the past. Restrictions on your heart, hands, time, and pockets were to serve as protection but over time it has lead to believing in the idea of lack. The fear of lack as well as the ego will keep you away from the rewards of giving and the unknown blessings that proceed with the act. With this journal you will:

  • Learn how to practice mindful giving
  • Make giving back a habit, and begin to reap the benefits of being open to others' needs and wants

**This journal does mention God and highlights spirituality.**



  • Paperback
  • 7″ x 10″
  • 260 Pages
  • Weighs 2 Pounds
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Introspection Prompts

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